My name is Aaron and I make loud noises.  Well, technically, I make noises loud.  But who is wants to be that technical?

I am a sound guy with 13 years and counting behind a sound console, mostly in the Christian Church world, but I also have experience in the concert scene and the video industry.  I currently work as the Audio Engineer for a large church in Northern Colorado.  Over the last year I have been constantly trying to better myself and my art by reading and studying what other sound guys say. I have spent too many hours reading through blog post after blog post.  By this point most of the information I have heard a hundred times, but I crave frequent reminders.  And for some incomprehensible reason, I decided that the internet needs one more sound guy sharing his knowledge, opinions, and experiences.

I have no idea if I have anything to say (or more importantly, if anything is worth hearing).  But we will see what happens.  My plan is to put up a new blog post each week, so keep coming back and see what’s new.



Disclaimer: Information and opinions on this blog do not necessarily represent the views of my employer, or any band or other group I have worked for.  They are simply my ramblings.


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